Bad Behaviour and Red Cards

The issuing of a red card is quite a rare event considering the number of games played. If you have shown a red card to a player during the 70 minutes playing time (and including half time) you need to fill out a Red Card Report Form. These do change from time to time as the officer’s details can change. If you wish to report a "Red Card" offence which occurred outside of the match period then there is a slightly different procedure to go through, but it is essentially the same process. These are known as Matchday Misconduct Offences (MMOs). England Hockey have just reviewed and simplified red card/ MMO procedures and the details can be found here on their Ethics & Behaviour pages. Everyone involved in Hockey is bound by this Code of Conduct. We should also be following the EHB guidelines on the Safeguarding Policy for Umpires and Officials.

You can download the latest version of the Red Card / MMO report form here.

EHB Disrepute Regulations can be found here => [Regulations]
The Behaviour / Disrepute Incident form can be found here => [Form]

* It is vital you contact the County Discipline Officer or his deputy before filling out this form - details below.

If you are involved in a red card incident then try to observe the following procedure. Firstly, during an incident watch carefully who does what and what is said by the participants. Do not physically get involved. Try to remember exactly what happened during the incident, regardless if it was you or your colleague who issued the card. Make notes as soon as you can, in a quiet place. You must not discuss the incident with the player (or players) concerned , or with the club officials, other than to establish name(s)/shirt number(s) and to inform the club/captain that a red card has been issued or you are reporting them for a MMO. You must rescind a red card and you must report if anyone tries to persuade you to do so (this is an offence in its own right). Having collected your belongings it is best to leave the venue ASAP. Contact the county discipline officer as soon as possible after the match (same evening or ASAP) or their deputy. They will guide you through what needs to be done. It is then down the relevant Hockey authorities to decide what is to be done next re: punishments/bans. Sadly, umpires are never told of the outcome, but rest assured that the authorities take these incidents most seriously and action WILL be taken.

There is a myth that umpires shy away from giving red cards because of the "paperwork" - don't you believe it. Filling in the form is very straightforward, more so after speaking to the Discipline Officer and being guided by their advice. If it's red card offence then the card MUST be shown.

Aside from incidents arising during a match, others offences may occur which might come under the broader heading of "bringing the game into disrepute". England Hockey have outlined this offence here, EH Disrepute Regulations and you can download the Disrepute Incident report form.

Respect Campaign

NHA & NHUA have introduced the RESPECT Campaign, click the link to read all about it and how it works. Until now, there was no mechanism, nothing in place to report incidents of umpire abuse. Umpires had only one resort, if the offence was of a serious nature - the MMO. Many (most) cases are don't merit an MMO, but are serious enough to report in. Umpires are encouraged to do so. It's the only way bad behaviour is going to be stamped out.

We sometimes get complaints about umpires. Umpires (and match officials) operate under and are bound by the same code of conduct & behaviour as the players.

If you have a complaint about an umpire's behaviour then please contact Andy Marshall, secretary of the NHUA in the first instance; details below.

The Norfolk County Discipline Officer is Rod Larwood  phone 01953 717937  e-mail rodlar88@btinternet.com

The  Norfolk County Assistant Disciplinary Administrator is Phil Skinner  Phone 07795364617  e-mail yewmorinioak57@hotmail.co.uk

Read our guidance notes for pitch side conduct

Hockey Development

DC / AC 2020-21

Norfolk Hockey run summer Development Centres (DC) and Academy Centres (AC) for the U12 to U17 age groups. The Player Pathway journey starts with players attending summer DCs, qualifying players are then invited to join the Norfolk Academy.

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EH Player Pathway

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The Player Pathway aims to provide the best possible talent development experiences for all players. 
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