Poolsheet Instructions

NHUA would like everyone to realise that the only permitted persons on a hockey pitch, whilst a game is in progress are, the players and substitutes, team and match officials. No one else please. It is the duty of the home club/team to make this happen. The home team captain is responsible for compliance.

Thank you for your cooperation in this.


  1. Captains/team managers to confirm match details with your umpire/s by 10:00 pm the Tuesday night before the game. If you have an umpire appointed to you, contact that umpire to confirm details - no matter whether you are the home or away team. Where another County Association (e.g. away games out of Norfolk) is to provide 2 umpires, contact your opponents to confirm that there will be 2 umpires for your game!
  2. Don't rely on answer phones/text messages, make sure that any message left is clear and unambiguous, re times & meeting places etc. If confirming by email, make sure the umpire uses email and that it is working!
  3. Failure to confirm with the umpire/s may result in you having no umpire at all, as we might assign them to other games.
  4. There are no reserve umpires.
  5. It is unlikely that a replacement umpire can be found on Saturday mornings!
  6. Please notify the Pool Secretary of any changes in fixture details as soon as they are known. If you change the start time, your umpire may not be available, check before altering the time.
  7. If a Club Umpire has been appointed, contact the providing ULO and exchange details.
  8. Clubs must provide a suitably qualified umpire when requested by the Pool Secretary, failure to do so may result in points being deducted!
  9. Umpires' expenses have been set at £15.00 per game, irrespective of the distance travelled, to be paid before the game starts. Failure to reimburse umpires will result in a fine plus the fee! Umpires appointed to East Women's div 1 now claim directly from the team(s) appointed to.

    THIS MUST BE PAID BEFORE THE GAME STARTS (umpires; have £5 ready for change).
  10. Any problems contacting umpires, clubs etc. let the Pool Secretary know as soon as possible.

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