Umpire Fitness - The Cooper Test

The Cooper Test is an endurance test designed to measure basic fitness and stamina. The test involves a run of 12 minutes duration, covering as many metres as possible in that time. The result can be assessed using the following table. The figures are for males, female distances are about 10% less. The Test is only recommended for trained persons because it demands your maximum effort. If in doubt seek medical advice before running.

  Age Group (years)
Condition < 30 30 - 39 40 - 49 > 50
Chronic 1600 1500 1400 1300
*Normal* 2000 1900 1700 1600
Very Good 2400 2100 2100 2000
Positively Athletic 2800 2500 2500 2400

Using a full size hockey pitch (100 yards x 60 yards, or 91.44 metres x 54.86 metres) and running around the side and back lines (no cheating) you can use the table below to work out how many laps you need to run.

* This is the minimum requirement for membership of ERHUA (10% less for females)

Laps Distance (metres approx.)
4.5 1300
5 1450
5.5 1600
6 1750
6.5 1900
7 2050
7.5 2200
8 2350
8.5 2500
9 2650
9.5 2800

This has to be witnessed by a Level-1 umpire coach (or better).

Nowadays they use the "Bleep" test to test umpire fitness

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