Norfolk Hockey Association Constitution


The Association will be called the Norfolk Hockey Association (“the Association”). This will be shortened to Norfolk Hockey when necessary.


To manage the game of hockey in the county of Norfolk (“the county”). It will be bound by the constitution of the England Hockey (EH) and East Region Hockey Association (ERHA) to abide by the rules of the game of hockey, as written by the Hockey Rules Board, or other competition rules as approved by EH.

Membership of the Association

All clubs, universities (referred to as “clubs”) and schools wishing to play hockey, which affiliate to the association. Each club will pay an affiliation fee. Each school will be affiliated to the appropriate youth section.

Aims and Objectives

4.1       To represent and promote the interests of all hockey in the county and to implement policy as laid down by EH and the ERHA, prospers at all levels.
4.2       To develop plans to ensure the game of hockey prospers at all levels.
4.3       To develop players, umpires and coaches, so that, where appropriate, they can achieve representative status.
4.4       To manage and organise any competitions, as required.

Sports Equity

It shall be the policy of the association to embrace the principles of Sports Equity (i.e. “fairness”) as defined by Sport England and to encourage clubs and schools to do so.

Management Committee

Subject to the over-riding powers of a General Meeting, the association will be governed by a Management Committee (“the Committee”). The Committee may delegate any of its powers as it thinks fit.

The Committee will consist of senior officers all annually elected or appointed as appropriate:-

  • President
  • Chairman
  • Honorary Secretary
  • Honorary Treasurer

Other members:-

a representative from each of the following sub-committees:-

  • Women’s League Management
  • Schools and Youth
  • Hockey Development Group                       
  • Disciplinary Administrator
  • Norfolk Hockey Umpiring Association 
  • Masters                                          
  • Webmaster

6.1       Management Committee Meetings
At least two meetings will be held in each association year. The quorum will be half the members, of which two must be senior officers. Notice of meetings will be given at least ten days before the date of the meeting.

6.2       Terms of Reference
The Committee will:-
6.2.1    Prescribe the policies of the association.
6.2.2    Affiliate/disaffiliate to outside bodies as appropriate.
6.2.3    Approve the appointments of the secretaries of the association’s other committees.
6.2.4    Approve the appointments of members to represent the association on any other committees.
6.2.5    Uphold the disciplinary procedure as laid down by EH.
6.2.6    Take any action which it thinks fit to further hockey within Norfolk.


7.1.1    Schools and Youth section will be responsible to the Committee.
7.1.2    It will consist of:-
                a Chairman;
                a Vice Chairman;
                an Honorary Secretary;
                Team managers for the different age groups;
                a Mini Hockey Tournament Co-ordinator;
                a Boys’ Competitions Secretary;
                a Girls’ Schools Secretary;
                Girls’ Schools Area Representatives where relevant;
                Norfolk Representative(s) to ERHA Youth Competitions Committee.

7.2        Terms of Reference
7.2.1       Oversee and monitor matters relating to youth hockey (being anyone under the age of 21).
7.2.2       Advise and co-operate with the relevant committees on all youth hockey matters.
7.2.3       Run competitions for youth hockey within the county.
7.2.4       Give maximum encouragement to clubs and schools so that they promote the development of youth hockey.
7.2.5       Encourage and assist with provision of coaching opportunities for boys and girls at
                all levels and all abilities.
7.2.6       Organise a planned programme for development of county youth squads and provide the widest opportunity for assessment, selection, training and participation.
7.2.7       Promote the development of young umpires.

7.3          Women’s League Management Committee  (WLMC) will be responsible to
                the Management Committee and will consist of:-

  • League Chairman
  • Honorary League Secretary
  • Divisional Secretaries, as elected at the League Annual General Meeting
  • Honorary Results Co-ordinator
  • NHUA Representative

               The WLMC will 
7.3.1       be responsible for the running and development of Women’s League Hockey
                played under the aegis of the Association.
7.3.2       Refer any appeals to the Management Committee.


7.4           Disciplinary Sub-Committee
7.4.1       A Committee of the Management Committee, convened as and when necessary, consisting of the Disciplinary Administrator and four senior Management Committee Officers nominated by the President on an ad hoc basis.
7.4.2       It will abide by and adhere to the Discipline Code as laid down by EH.
7.4.3       All matters deserve a hearing and all decisions are subject to appeal.
7.4.4       All appeals will be considered by the Committee and be subject to a fee.
7.5           All Sub-Committees
7.5.1       Each member will have a vote.
7.5.2       The Chairman will have the casting vote.
7.5.3       The Chairman / Honorary Secretary may invite to any meeting anyone they think fit. These people may not vote.
7.5.4       If the Chairman is absent, the meeting will elect a Chairman.
7.5.5       The appointment of their Secretary is subject to ratification by the Committee.
7.5.6       Can make appointments as appropriate, to its own sub-committees and representatives to other committees.

8.         Umpires’ Administration
This role will be delegated to the Norfolk Hockey Umpiring Association (“NHUA”) who undertake:-
8.1       To organise umpires for league matches, as appropriate.
8.2       To foster the coaching and development of individual umpires within the county.
8.3       To develop, implement and monitor plans for recruitment, education and assessment of
             umpires and umpire coaches.
8.4       To formulate and implement a policy for the selection and appointment of umpires to
             matches within the county and for the county pool.

Hockey Development Group (HDG)

9.1.1    will consist of:-

  • at least one representative from every Norfolk club;
  • one representative from the Schools and Youth Sub-Committee;
  • one umpiring representative;
  • one representative from coaching development;
  • one young person (under 18);
  • the members of the HDG Management Group.

9.1.2    The HDG will meet twice a year.
9.1.3    The HDG Management Group will meet four times a year.


9.2       Terms of Reference
             The HDG will:-
9.2.1    Be responsible for guiding, supporting and driving hockey development in the county.
9.2.2    Act as the unified voice of hockey at local level.
9.2.3    In the second meeting of each year, nominate five key individuals from within the HDG to sit on the Management Group.

            The HDG Management Group will:-
9.2.4    Ensure that the annual activity plan and annual report are submitted to EH as required.
9.2.5    Be responsible for monitoring the work of the Hockey Development Officer and evaluating progress against key performance indicators.

Be responsible for making decisions on behalf of the HDG.

10      Annual General Meeting
          The AGM will be held in May of each year, on a day and at a venue set by the committee.
10.1     Notice of the AGM, a list of nominations for officers and a copy of the agenda will be circulated to clubs at least 21 days before the date of the meeting.
10.2     Business to be dealt with:-

  • the election of officers, as appropriate;
  • the appointment of an auditor;
  •   the presentation and adoption of accounts;
  • The approval of amendments to the constitution
  • NHA / ERHA / EH business;
  • agree date of the next AGM;
  • any other business on the agenda.

10.3     Any proposals must be notified to the Honorary Secretary at least 28 days before the date of the meeting. In respect of any proposals to change the Constitution, a two thirds majority of those present and voting is needed to pass a proposal.
10.4     Any other vote will be carried by a single majority.
10.5     The President will chair the meeting or in his/her absence, the Chairman. If both are  absent the meeting will elect a chair.
10.6     Club representatives will be entitled to vote on the following basis:

  • two votes for a mixed sex club (one representative of each section must attend);
  • one vote for a single sex club;
  • one vote for a club playing only mixed hockey.

10.7     All Committee members (as listed in paragraph 6) shall be entitled to vote. There will be no postal or proxy voting.
10.8     15 members present and entitled to vote will form a quorum.
10.9     Anyone associated with the game is entitled to attend the meeting but cannot vote and can only speak if invited to do so by the Chairman.


11.        Special / Extraordinary Meetings
The Honorary Secretary will call an S / EGM at any time by order of the Committee or upon receipt of a request signed by one of the following: Chairman; Club Captain, Honorary Secretary of at least eight affiliated clubs.
11.1      The request will state exactly why an S / EGM should be called. The meeting will be called within six weeks of the request.
11.2      At least 28 days’ notice of an S / EGM will be given to voting members of the association.

  • Provisions applying to an AGM will apply to an S / EGM.

11.4   The association year will be from 1st June to 31st May.
11.5    The financial year will be from 1st April to 31st March.

12            Profit
All surplus income or profits are re-invested in the Association. No surplus or assets will be distributed to members or third parties.


13            Winding Up
In the event of the winding up of the Association, all assets after the settlement of any debts shall, with the approval of a General Meeting, be paid to any association or body having similar objectives to those of the Association.

Safeguarding and Protecting Children Guidance

Norfolk Hockey Association (NHA) is committed to the protection of children within our sport and as such encourages all Norfolk clubs to promote and implement the following good practice when working with young people under the age of 18.

i             Register for and work towards the Clubs’ First award, which provides excellent practical guidance.
ii            Adopt a Child Protection Policy.
iii           Become familiar with England Hockey’s policy published on the website:- www.englandhockey.co.uk
iv          Appoint a Welfare Officer to act as a co-ordinator and promoter of good practice and to be the initial point of contact for concerns to be reported.
v           Ensure that the named Welfare Officer is aware of EH’s reporting procedures.
vi           Encourage people who have regular contact with under 18s to attend Sports Coach UK’s “Safeguarding and Protecting Children” three hour workshopwww.sportscoachuk.org
vii          Ensure coaches, officials and players agree to abide by codes of conduct.
viii         Undertake Disclosure and Baring System (DBS) check on junior coaches and any other individuals who perform duties that involve significant contact with young people.

England Hockey operates an Umbrella Body Disclosure Service which helps facilitate DBS checks. As part of this umbrella service and to facilitate DBS checks in Norfolk, Hazel Medler is registered as the County Welfare Officer for the NHA.

Hockey Development

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