NHUA Announce training dates for 2017-18 Season

Published: 18 Aug 2017

This season's umpire training is on 2 dates; 1st Sept and 21st Sept. The first evening on the 1st September will be about the slight rule changes, obstruction both stick and body, going to ground in the tackle, lifted ball and carried ball into the D plus some other stuff. This session is open to team captains, coaches, ULOs and umpires. The 2nd session on 21st September will be an opportunity to umpire a game whilst being coached and watched with a view to becoming an umpire coach above club developer level, report writing etc. David Elworthy from England Hockey is going to come along and help out. The game will be in 4 quarters and so umpires will be able to umpire a quarter with radios and be coached and have umpire coaches working also to debrief and write reports. Norwich city 1st team mens standard.  
Anyone requiring additional information then please contact Phil Skinner (Chair of Norfolk Umpires)