Communication and Continuing to support and grow our sport - NHA

Published: 5 Sep 2018

After a glorious Summer, topped by a hugely successfully organised Women's World Championship the season proper is now upon us. Work has been ongoing at NHA. Andrea Glover and her team of coaches ran a very successful coaching programme in the Norfolk phase of the EH Player Pathway for our young players, Chris Williamson has been leading a review of our Constitution and Avril Mallett has been working closely with Empresa to implement changes necessitated by GDPR. We have also been getting our heads around the new EH schools and clubs competition format and the effects of the new Pro League starting next season. 
NHA wants all of its members to be informed, to participate effectively in the running of our continually growing sport. We know that attending meetings can be difficult - the numbers attending meetings reflect this. To that end, we have reduced the number of meetings you need to attend this season. There is still the opportunity for regular face-to-face communication but the use of our website and electronic communication is now of paramount importance. We do not want anyone to miss out on opportunities to participate or develop as a player, coach or official, as an individual or group.  
All communications are sent via email by the NHA Secretary, Avril Mallett, to two people within your organisation: your named Primary Contact and your Secretary. It is then their responsibility to disseminate the information among club/school members. Contact details for these two officials should now be with Avril and you need to make us aware of changes. We would ask that you also acknowledge receipt of information so Avril knows that it has got through; this would help us enormously. 
We, in turn, welcome communication and Glenn Moore, NHA Webmaster, is more than happy to advertise your events and achievements on the county website. If you see any of the committee around at your club/school, please come and talk to us; we are here to support you. I wish you all an enjoyable and competitive season and look forward to seeing Norfolk build on its successes from last season. 
Mary Cheesman 
Chair, Norfolk Hockey Association