End of an Era as Norfolk Womans League draws to a close

Published: 2 Mar 2021

The following letter has this evening been circulated to Norfolk clubs; 
NHA League Management Committee 
Sponsored by Empresa 
Important Information from the League Management Committee 
Present Situation: 
1. It would appear that the Government will be opening up the opportunity to play hockey again from the 29th March 2021. 
2. However, the Committee understands that the directive from EH is that all league fixtures will stop from that date. 
3. Because of this, the Committee would like you to know that all Norfolk Ladies Leagues and the Junior Development Leagues will conform to this directive and as from the 29th March 2021, the leagues will end. 
What Does This Mean? 
1. The Leagues have not been completed and matches cannot be played to complete them. Because of this and in the interest of "fair play", the Committee has agreed that all Leagues are null and void for the season 2020/2021. 
2. The composition of the Leagues will revert to September 2020 as there will be NO promotion and NO relegations this season. 
3. The composition of the Leagues as of September 2020 will be the composition of the Leagues handed on to the East League who will organise your fixture list and inform you of what your Club needs to do from now on. 
4. The future of the Junior Development League is yet to be decided by EH. 
So, What Happens About the Norfolk Ladies Leagues? 
1. There will be no AGM as there is no need to elect officials and review rules. 
2. The accounts will be presented as part of the NHA end of year accounts. 
3. There will be no presentation evening for Winners as we have no winners. 
Those Clubs who hold trophies, please will you keep them until we know better the way forward. 
The Good News 
1. The advice from EH to all Clubs is that as from 29th March 2021 you will be permitted to play friendly games. 
2. However, you will still need to have an effective and up to date Covid-19 Risk Assessment in place. 
3. You will need to ensure that your Covid-19 rules are shared with the visiting team(s) and are up-held throughout the fixture by both teams, the officials, and the spectators. 
From the Committee: 
1. You will be pleased to know that Avril, Ruth & Glenn have volunteered to be part of the East league and I am sure will be looking out for Norfolk. 
2. May I thank ALL past and present Committee Members who have given their time to make hockey work for you.  
3. Thank you also to all Clubs and individuals who have helped and supported the Committee over the years. 
4. Our best wishes to Clubs, officials and players for success in hockey's new world. 
Chris Williamson, League Administrator.

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